Mission and Rationale of IREBH

The IREBH mission is to:

  • Promote the use of therapeutic Hypnosis, where appropriate, in the treatment of Client disorders resulting in some dysfunction in everyday mental and physical health and wellbeing.
  • Promote the employment of the rich techniques of “best practice” evidence-based Hypno-psychotherapy wherein Hypnosis is used as an adjunct to evidence-based psychotherapy, collectively referred to as EBH.
  • Provide and promote an on-line searchable Register of EBH therapists that can be consulted by all members of the Community wishing to make an informed decision about therapy.
  • Provide endorsement and promotion of those training organisations committed to the provision of EBH Clinical training.
  • Assist in the evaluation, assessment and rating of EBH programs and services offered by EBH therapists.

Provision of a Forum for the discussion of all matters related to the promotion of EBH programs and services, including individual Case Studies, and for the early dissemination of research results employing standard assessment procedures. The latter may be supplied by the IREBH Board.